28 September 2016

Five New Food Delivery Options in Bandra that You Should Try!

Has Netflix ruined your social life and all you want to do is lounge around in your PJs, chilling? Does the rain (or the sun) make it extremely difficult for you to step out and grab a bite? Do you conveniently forget your dabba at home so that you can order in at work? If just like me you belong to all three categories, or even one, read on! Here is a round up of a few delivery options that I've tried (and loved) in the past few weeks. There's something for everyone! 

1. If you're craving some Punjabi Khana Shaana -
If you're cheating in your diet, cheat with something unapologetically sinful like the food from Oye Panjabi kitchen. It is also the sort of food you crave after you're three patiala pegs down, looking for some serious grease to wash it all away. Oye Panjabi takes a detour from their spot on the Nashik highway and delivers out fare from their Khar kitchen. The menu covers all your Punjabi food staples - kebabs, kulchas, cream laden curries, and more. Major plus points to the packaging (not a drop of oil leaked), and the ginormous portion sizes.
The food here is exactly what you'd expect from a Punjabi delivery joint - smokey tikkas, gravies laden with cream, naans and parathas with a dollop of ghee on top. Though Oye Panjabi is a tad bit more expensive than the Punjabi food places we've grown up ordering from in Bandra, they make up for in their generosity.
Must Try: Their Kaali Daal - exactly like how they make it in the dhabhas, Sarson Da Saag with Makkai Roti - all year around, and their famous Chicken 'Peprika' (sic) Kebabs.
Contact: Call 70454 57071/72 for delivery between Bandra and Santacruz.
Available for online delivery on Zomato and Scootsy.

13 September 2016

Bombay Bygone: Colaba through the Looking Glass

'Little Alice fell down the hole, bumped her head and bruised her soul.' ~ Lewis Carroll

Have you ever had an Alice in Wonderland moment? Falling through the rabbit hole, without looking back, only to enter your very own whimsical, magical universe - one that takes you back in time, to a special place that remains embedded in memories. A few places in the city of 'Bombay' manage to evoke such a strong sense of nostalgia for me - Colaba being one of them.

A Colaba of my childhood - Peering out eagerly from the window of the BEST bus, because the journey was just as much fun as the destination. Clutching on to my father's hand with all my life for fear of being left behind in the crowd. Looking up in awe at the magnanimity of the Gateway of India, all through the eyes of a child. Looking down at the choppy waters with a sense of nervous exhilaration, wanting to get close but holding back still. The joy of being treated to a Mewad ice cream cone - synthetic and soggy - but it meant the world to a chubby child!