2 July 2016

Bhajiyas and Baarish - A Match Made in Heaven

The mind is genetically engraved to think of piping hot bhajiyas the minute it rains. The stomach is automatically predisposed to start craving deep fried goodness the minute the skies get overcast and the rain gods decide to bless us. The rains and batter fried bhajiyas are a match made in food heaven. One that never seems to get old and one that we never seem to get bored of.

Our love for bhajiyas during the rains stem from the fact that it's the perfect warm snack to be had while the temperatures dip - a comforting feeling that the summers do not provide us with. Infact studies explain the link between dropping temperatures and the body's need for a high calorie carbohydrate diet. For me, it's the nostalgia associated with bhajiyas and the monsoon that makes me crave them. It's the sense of comfort and the evocative memories that come with biting into one.

Whatever be your reason to crave bhajiyas this monsoon season - scientific or nostalgic - Bonobo in Bandra has the solution. Like DJs and turntables, cold weather and brandy, Instagram and filters go together, Bonobo has discovered a brand new twosome – beers and bhajiyas! And the third angle to the triangle are their Old Monk spiked, monsoon inspired drinks and mocktails. 

Skip the conventional vegetarian bhajiyas like the batter fried Aloo Slice, street style Kanda Bhaji, and the Bengali staple Begun Bhaja - these you'll find elsewhere as well. Try their innovative menu additions like their Masala Maggi Bhajiya, or the Sabudana Mozzarella stick stuffed with oodles of cheese. Globally inspired bhajiyas like the Tempura Spinach, and a Jalapeno Popper made with bhavanagari chillies also make appearances here. Pair these with an Old Monk Spiked Masala Chai or a Hot Monk Chocolate to elevate the classic chai and bhajiya pairing to the next level.

Jalapeno Popper
Hot Monk Chocolate
Bonobo pushes the bar of innovation with their non-vegetarian bhajiya spread. Pick from the Masala Chicken bhajiya - a chicken popcorn of sorts - that tastes best with a squeeze of lime or their curry leaf, black pepper batter fried Kerala fish. The Fire Cracker Prawn comes coated in a tempura like batter that can be quite bland if not paired with the accompanying dip. Batter fried bacon strips and fiery red Chicken Lollypops with schezwan sauce round up the bhajiya list. After all a Chicken Lollypop is technically a bhajiya, right? Pair these with their Classic Old Monk Cocktails like the Beachy Monk (old monk + malibu + pineapple + orange) or a classic mojito made with Old Monk - Old Monkjito. If you prefer sticking to classic beer brews, they have those too! Full points to the condiment tray that comes along with each bhajiya, that leaves you spoilt for choice.

Beachy Monk
Chicken Lollypop
Check out the ongoing Bhajiya, Beer and Old Monk special at Bonobo for the next two months.
Venue: Bonobo, 2nd Floor, Kenilworth Mall, Phase 2, Off Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai: 400 050

(Thank you DeTales Communication for hosting us. And sharing those absolutely stunning images.)

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  1. According to me like all other art skill cooking is also a great art and skill. If one chilly is more or a pinch of salt is less in any recipe will make the recipe bad. So you are made here a great work of food.