18 April 2016

The Food Week That Was - Someplace Old and Someplace New

I was on a self-imposed diet last week. Which basically meant I was out every day of the week, stuffing my face with food. Gee, thank you Mr. Murphy. Last week I re-visited an old favourite restaurant, dined at someplace new, and discovered a wonderful, healthy home delivery service. Read on for all the scoop:

Mighty Small Cafe, Lower Parel - 
I had been to the Mighty Small Cafe in January when they launched, and fell in love with the adorable carnival themed cafe that sits snuggled inside Smaaash. It's the perfect place to entertain children and those who are children at heart! The food menu criss crosses over a variety of cuisines and small plates, with the aim of food being fun.

Disco Idlis

I returned back last week and snacked on my favourite Disco Idlis - mini idlis that come generously spiced, fun Chilli Cheese Lollipops, and an addictive Koliwada popcorn chicken. I also remember really loving their Appams with Chicken Ghee Roast the last time I dined here. I also remember thinking, 'what an unlikely place to get such delicious appams.' I absolutely love their ginormous shakes from the Big Fat Treats Dessert Bar. Who can say no to a Nutella + Banana + Peanut Butter + Pretzel shake? The Mighty Small does fun, non pretentious food and serves up meals that are in synch with their location. Game of bowling with Pull Apart Cheese Bread, anyone?

13 April 2016

Udvada - Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds, Great Food!

A sleepy, little coastal town in Gujarat may be the only place in the world where Parsis are not in minority. Udvada is barely 200 kilometers from Mumbai, but instantly transports you into a different era, with different geography. 
Udvada is a hidden treasure, cut off from the modern outside world we belong to, deeply rooted in culture and religion. Udvada is where Zoroastrians the world over throng to pay homage to the Iranshah Atash Behram - the sacred fire whose sacred flames have been continuously burning for over 1280 years. Udvada is where many Parsis, like me, come to worship their second religion - food!