31 March 2016

Salud Lima, BKC!

An American friend of ours was visiting the city recently, and in the mood for some Peruvian food. She was taken aback to hear that a city as cosmopolitan and global as Mumbai had not a single South American restaurant. Two weeks later, Lima arrived to the shores of Mumbai, and the city received it's first ever South American tapas bar. Better late than never, I'll say!

Lima is yet another ace that emerges from Chef Atul Kochhar's pack of cards - the previous one being NRI at BKC with whom Lima shares a wall. (Read more about NRI here.) But they both are as different as chalk and cheese! While one serves up global Indian fare, the other emphasizes on cocktails and small plates from the South American region, namely c​eviches from Peru, g​rills from Brazil and s​treet ​cuisine from Mexico.

My experience with Peruvian food is limited to a single ceviche dish I had abroad, years ago. So I really have no basis to judge the authenticity of the food here. I know for a fact the cuisine is centered around their local produce, simple preparation, and dishes where the ingredients are the hero. Some dishes also have a Asian and European influence owing to the large migrant population there. 

Tequila Margarita, Kumquat Basil Caipirinha,Multicoloured Quinoa and Mint

30 March 2016

Burger King's Chicken Fries - The Best Of Both Worlds

Have you ever loved two dishes so much that you wish you could eat them both at the same time? That in some magical way they would combine forces to create one, out of the world experience for you? 

I am obsessed with French fries. Well who doesn't like deep fried, potato-ey goodness? Just the other day, I was at Burger King indulging in their good ol' Chicken Whopper with fries on the side, pondering over how brilliant would it be if somehow one was able to combine the goodness of fries with the taste of chicken? The introduction of Chicken Fries on the Burger King menu now, seems like a dream come true!

The Chicken Fries along with the dipping sauces have been proudly clucking away on international shores since a while now. Their availability in India has made the chicken lover in me extremely happy. And the icing on the cake has got to be the adorable Chick & Fries love story that you can check out here - www.chickenfrieslove.tumblr.com

21 March 2016

What Navroze Means To Me

I am a Zoroastrian Irani. Which means that the festival of the spring Equinox or Navroze, which marks the onset of the Persian new year is the primary festival celebrated at home. To a lot of people all over the globe Navroze means a lot of things - a time for prayers, a time to be thankful, a time to remember God, a time for celebration. But for me Navroze is incomplete without three things - tradition, food and family.

Irani Family Navroze Table 2016

Growing up, festivals meant a lot more than they did now. For some reason Diwali or Holi celebrations always seem grander and funner when you look through the eyes of a child. The same holds true for Navroze as well. All through my early years - as a chubby schoolgirl to an adolescent pre teen - Navroze was celebrated at my Mamaiji's (maternal grandmother) beautiful Bandra home. And I have the fondest memories of those. This post is an attempt to clutch on to those few, remaining childhood Navroze memories before they dwindle out in the chaotic mess that is adulthood. And to thank my grandmom (who is an ardent and avid reader of this blog) for introducing me to the magic of the Navroze table.

16 March 2016

My 24 Hour Getaway at Courtyard by Marriott Pune, Chakan

If, like me, you've exhausted all your weekend getaway options close to Mumbai - this post may hold special interest for you. If, like me, putting your feet up and relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the city is what you crave, then read on!
The sleepy town of Chakan may be barely heard of by most, barring a few car aficionados owing to the large number of international automobile factories it hosts. It is here in Chakan that the Courtyard by Marriott property sits, like a pretty oasis in a sun kissed desert. The sprawling property, scrumptious local food, and trademark Marriott hospitality is how I experienced the past weekend. Read on for a step-by-step account of my 24 hours at the Courtyard by Marriott Pune, Chakan

7 March 2016

New Menu and New Favourites at Desi Deli

In July last year, I discovered a new favourite joint in Bandra. One where we would drop by on many occasions, for their gourmet hot dogs and a Lush Lamb burger that is absolutely divine. One which I have written about previously as well, and recommended. (Read that previous post here.) I love Desi Deli for taking global food out of the delicatessan and giving it a desi twist. Especially those gourmet hot dogs, that combine the most innovative sauces and toppings - brainchild of owner Lolita Sarkar.  

Desi Crème brûlée

I was back again to try a few, new additions on the menu and to see if I could find a new winner. And I did!

2 March 2016

Time Travel at the Future Theory Festival

I am not much of an EDM fan. I fairly like this genre, but then after a couple of hours of listening to it I begin to miss words. And lyrics. But this weekend at the Future Theory Festival my perception of alternative electronic music was drastically altered. The Future Theory festival held on the 27th and 28th of February, comprising an impressive line up in this genre, promised two days of mind blowing music, and kick ass parties. But what excited me the most was the location - Fort Jadhavgadh - a three hundred year old Maratha fort, now converted into a luxury hotel with sprawling lawns and ancient architecture.

My Future Theory Festival experience was like sitting in a time travel machine that oscillated between a cultural past and a modern future. 

Blast From The Past - 
I'm going to paint a little picture for you here - a lone 300 year old fort perched high on a hill, with a birds eye view of the surrounding greenery and sprawling lawns. A gorgeous, rustic fort with it's wood design and stone work yet intact, complete with a beautiful museum providing a glimpse into the Maratha way of life back then. Here we experienced a party like no other!
Jadhavgadh fort and the surrounding property is stunning. Right from the staff that's dressed in traditional attire, to the overall vibe and feel of the fort - Jadhavgadh is a marvel. One I'd love to return back to someday.