12 April 2015

Beauty Bites: Inside My April MSM Box

Yaay, it is that time of the month again. I mean it's time when my MSM box arrives home. Monthly beauty box subscriptions really get me excited and I look forward eagerly to the start of the month to unravel what lies inside each box. The My Style Mile or the MSM box is the latest of my beauty box discoveries, and I must say I have been mighty pleased with all that I have received previously. I blogged about my previous experiences with the March and February MSM box here and here previously. 

This month's edition was leaps better than last months. For starters, there were two make up items, brands that were bigger and better, and small gifts that put a smile to my face. Read on to know what I got:

1. Makeover Professional Lipstick in Soothing Pink - Rs. 395/- for the full size. An Indian brand of cosmetics that I hadn't even heard of until I saw the lipstick inside the MSM box. Their Constant Shine Lipstick claims to create shimmery, glowing lips. I liked the pleasant pink shade that they decided to put in my box, and is ideal for an evening out. Even though I'm a fan of matte lipsticks, and not glossy ones like this one, I'm going to give this shade a shot since I really like how the swatch looks on my hand.

2. Tiens Nail Paint - Rs. 70/- for the full size. From the same brand as the lipstick, I am a nail paint junkie. Newer nail paints are a welcome addition to my collection, and I will never say no. This blue shade is eerily similar to one I had received in a Fab Bag previously, and I'm not really a fan of aqua hued nail paints. But then again as I said, nail paints are always welcome.

3. Innisfree Acai Berry Face Mask - Rs. 100/- for a one time use mask. I was super excited to see this in my box, even though it was a repeat product. I have used the same sheet mask, when I found it in my MSM February box, and I must say I was mighty pleased. This one time use sheet mask, created by the famous Korean brand Innisfree, is a non drying face mask. It left my skin extremely hydrated the first time around, and I am sure that will be the case this time too. Plus acai berries are known to have superb anti oxidant properties.

4. Kronokare Mediterranean Citrus Shower Gel - Rs. 105/- for a 60 ml sample size. Another brand I was excited to see inside the box. They have some wonderful sulfate free and parabens free products, with beautiful fragrances, which are absolutely value for money. 

5. All Good Scents Love and Joy Eau De Parfum for Women - Rs. 55/- for a tester. I did a product review for one of the All Good Scents line of perfumes recently. (Click here). The brand makes wonderful perfumes that are easy on the pocket and on the nose. I think sending out sample sized perfumes is a great idea, and helps one decide if they think the perfume is worth investing in or not. I love this floral fragrance, and I am contemplating buying a full sized one after my existing fragrance gets depleted. 

6. Niana Hand Crafted Candle - Rs. 150/- This month's entire box gives off the most lovely fragrance the minute you open it. The reason for which is this beautiful mini candle which I have just no heart of lighting.

My Verdict: This month's MSM box fares much better than the last one. Firstly because of the inclusion of newer brands, and international brands, because after all don't we subscribe to a beauty boxes to try out newer products? There was an equal focus on make up and skincare products in this one which was again good. Plus, I really loved the bonus products such as the mini fragrance and the candle. Ohh, and there was also a spa voucher discount coupon inside the box somewhere. Really, they have packed a lot in a little.
My three month MSM box membership expires this month. I am most definitely renewing it because I love receiving these monthly surprises that I have gifted myself. And plus, I strongly maintain that it is absolutely value for money. 

(The author reviewed the product anonymously, and paid for her own box).
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