19 February 2015

Die(t) Another Day - Diet Unlimited

Like most women in their late twenties, I too had a tough time fighting the battle of the bugle at some point in my life. I've had so many people come up to me and say, 'Ohh, you are so lucky. You constantly eat out and write about food, and yet you're so fit.' Only I know the amount of hard work that goes into maintaining a lifestyle such as mine, and staying healthy. Having tried every form of exercise - zumba, weight training, cross training, aerobics, crossfit - and tons of crash diets, I think I've finally found nirvana. I discovered power yoga and it's power to make me feel good about myself. And thanks to Diet Unlimited I discovered a daily diet plan that is totally do-able and not extreme in the least bit.

What: Diet Unlimited offers a wide array of nutrition services like diet counselling, customized diet plans, seminars, workshops and consultation for companies that are looking to launch nutrition products. This is the link to their website. They got in touch with me recently and offered to chalk out a customized diet plan for me and help me with my nutrition related queries.
Why: I wasn't looking at opting for a crash diet or a weight loss plan. I wanted a diet that was do-able, and something that I could follow on an everyday basis. I wanted a diet that teaches me to make right decisions when I eat out, and allows me to binge occasionally. 
How: My entire process right from filling out the interview questionnaire, to the counselling, to answering my doubts happened via email by Anandini - cofounder and dietitian at Diet Unlimited- and was extremely convenient.

Here are the pros and cons of my entire experience with Diet Unlimited:

The Wow Factors:
1. I loved how detailed the pre-diet interview questionnaire was. Right from basics such as my height and weight to detailed questions such as my food habits were included. They asked about my daily meal timings and my likes/dislikes and a lot of those factors did get considered in the final diet plan.

2. The diet plan was everything I wanted. It had simple basic recipes, and dishes that are commonly cooked in an Indian home. Nothing OTT or extravagant that would be difficult to implement.

Chicken, Raita and Phulka sans ghee
Cauliflower curry, roti and sprouts
Morning Oats and Strawberries
Omelette with Brown bread
3. The plan took into account my meal timings at work, and was scheduled accordingly. The same key rule was followed - small portions every two hours.

4. Since weight loss was not the goal in my case, the dietitian decided to give me an Antioxidant boost diet plan which suited my requirements just fine. The diet did not leave me starving or uneasy the whole day.

5. A week long diet plan such as mine is priced at Rs. 2000/- with consultation. Absolutely worth it, if you ask me. Especially if you don't have the time and inclination to visit a dietitian on a regular basis.

The Ow Factors: The only tiny grouse/ suggestion I have with my entire experience is that there should have been some feedback or monitoring system. There can be some daily/weekly reporting that can be emailed to the dietitian to that they're able to record our status and progress if any. 

What I loved about my diet was that it taught me how to plan my day's meal. I learnt that healthy diets should't really have an on-off switch and that it's a part of one's lifestyle. That's the biggest take home message I learnt with this experiment. I haven't weighed myself before or after the diet regime, and don't intend to. I felt good- physically and mentally- doing it, and that's all that mattered. 

Contact: Diet Unlimited www.dietunlimited.wix.com/dietunlimited
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P.S.: Check out my next post for a super easy Antioxidant cooler recipe the dietitian shared with me.