15 June 2014

Pour Some Sugar On Me

This song plays in the background while I start typing out this blog post, and there could've been no better title. Most people have a sweet tooth, I have an entire sweet jaw. I could do dessert for dinner, and still have space for dessert. So I was thrilled to bits when I heard I won a surprise dessert box from the wonderful guys at Brown Paper Bag. And also the prettiest earrings from Pipa Bella.

What is a dessert box you ask? Its a box that goes out once a month with six wonderful, sugary treats inside. Each of them are prepared by home chefs, restaurants and bakers for the subscribers. So you get to try out new desserts every month, and also order more of the ones you like. I think it's an excellent gifting option, and are priced at Rs. 900/- per box. Get more deets here. I have been wanting to order one for the longest time, but as luck would have it I won myself one. And this month's dessert box was special as it was themed around Father's Day. 

My Dessert Box + Pipa Bella Earrings + Surprise from Propshop24

They sent along a lovely surprise gift for all dads along with the box courtesy PropShop24. They have the cutest USB devices and lens cases. Check out their website. Do it now!

The Cutest Fathers Day Frame

Pretty Pipa + Bella earrings
Let's get to business now and dissect what all I got inside the box.

This Months Dessert Box
1. Chocolate Salted Caramel Dipping Sauce from Eat Sleep Bake Repeat
Loved this chocolate and caramel sauce. It's perfect to spread on cookies, cake, or with fruit. I'm going to spread it on my toast for my upcoming breakfasts, and clog my arteries. 

Chocolate Salted Caramel Dipping Sauce
2. Gooey Brownies also from Eat Sleep Bake Repeat
Yum, moist brownies were next. I'm such a brownie fan, and these were fairly good. Check out their facebook page here for more info.

Gooey Brownies
3. Cinnamon Cake from SilverSpoon Gourmet
This is a perfect dessert for people who aren't huge dessert fans. It's not too sweet, and has a lovely cinnamon-y flavour. It's one of those cakes to be had with some tea on the side. It was perfectly moist and not too crumbly inspite of me having it the next day.

Cinnamon Cake
4. Lemon Cheesecake from Barrio
I love Barrio when I last visited and wrote all about it here. The cheesecake was fairly good. I just wished it had more of the biscuit base that I so love in a cheesecake.

Lemon Cheesecake
5. Fresh Orange Cream Pastry from Fat Mans Cafe
The latest entrant on Bandras food scene, who everyone has been raving about makes an appearance in the dessert box. The pastry however, was my least favorite item in the box. A yummy cream, citrus pastry nevertheless.

Fresh Orange Cream Pastry

6. Flourless Gluten Free Chocolate Pastry from Foodhall
I saved the best for last. If flourless and gluten-free taste so good, I'm never eating flour or gluten again. This dessert comes from Foodhall which is a premium food lifestyle store situated in Palladium. I loved that the chocolate was slightly bitter, and inspite of having no flour it was soft and moist. Vanilla ice-cream on the side would've been perfect on the side.

Flourless Gluten Free Chocolate Pastry
The dessert box made it such a special Father's Day, as dad and I bonded over what we both love most. Hope you'll had a lovely day too.


  1. Thanks Alka. They really were delicious :)

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