29 June 2014

My MFL Card Arrives!

I experienced such joy when I received my MFL card recently. The joy was twofold because I now have an exclusive dining-out card which helps me get discount at bars and restaurants in the city. And secondly the card is the brainchild of some very dear friends of mine. This blogpost is for them and their baby, and the fact that I want their hard work to be known by all (or whoever reads this blog).

What is a MFL card?
The Mumbai Food Lovers (MFL) card is an exclusive card which enabled you to get discounts and deals at their partner restaurants across Mumbai and Pune. 

My MFL Card is Here! 

My Top 3 Reasons why should you get a MFL card:
1. Okay so most importantly the card is a privilege card valid in select restaurants, bars and stores across Mumbai as well as Pune. So you get to use your card in both cities which I think is pretty cool considering the number of times we travel to Pune for work/fun/NH7. 

2. The card is beyond a discount card in my opinion. It entitles you to be able to attend special events and experiences that will be hosted exclusively for MFL card holders. How awesome is that!

3. The list of partner restaurants and bars covers a number of my favorite watering holes such as The Irish House, The Big Nasty, The Little Door and more. The card offers discount on alcoholic beverages too. Which is good considering how much we tend to spend on drinking out these days. Let's do some basic math here:
Cost of the MFL card: Rs 3000/- for a years validity.
Per Month Cost of the card: Rs. 250/-
Drinking out expenses of the Average Indian youngster: Rs. 3000/- per month (Some of us are above average here)
Using the MFL card on the average monthly booze bill: Rs. 300-350/- discount.
So basically you cover up your monthly cost of the card on your booze bill. 
(And if you don't drink then you'll eat at the awesome partner restaurants, noh?)

Read up more about the MFL card on www.mflcard.in
P.S.: You also get to download this cool MFL card app so that you can get all information on the go.  

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