20 April 2014

Sliders: Review

All good things come in small packages....

During our evening meal at the newly opened Sliders on Bandra Linking Road, that is all we could say. Sliders are nothing but mini burgers. Most people I know love burgers. So by default, sliders are immensely popular with the public too. It is a fairly common bar snack and makes a great bite along with alcohol. This new restaurant opened on Linking Road in Bandra is devoted to nothing but this all time favourite bar food. It shares space with the already famous and established Maroosh, which serves Lebaanese and Mughlai street food. The night we visited, Maroosh was deserted with most of the crowd seated in Sliders.

Ambience: This is a simple, no frills eatery with wooden tables and high chairs. Can easily seat about 20 people. The assembly counter is open and one can easily take a sneak peak and look into the kitchen. What I personally loved was a great, big blackboard running across the length of the restaurant with the menu illustrated on it.

The Blackboard at Sliders
Service: Quick and attentive staff. The service was smooth and we received the food within 5-10 minutes of placing the order. This makes it an easy fast food option to eat on the move.

Food: Majority of the menu consists of sliders. They also have burgers, hot dogs, drinks, fries and desserts. At a price point of Rs. 60-65 per slider, they make for a quick, well priced snack. My advise is to stick to the sliders when visiting here.

To drink we started off with the Nutella Coffee and Strawberry Rush (Rs. 110/- each), the only two drinks on the menu. The Nutella Coffee tasted like any old cold coffee, with no taste of Nutella. But it was a nice, frothy coffee which I'm sure would be popular with most. I liked the Strawberry Rush inspite of its synthetic, bubblegum pink appearance. It was cool, refreshing and filled had a nice strawberry taste to it. 

Strawberry Rush & Nutella Coffee
We ordered a portion of Thai fries to munch on while we waited for our sliders to arrive. The Thai fries (Rs. 90/-) were a basket of fries covered with cheese sauce, Thai sauce and crushed peanuts. I loved the balance of the spicy Thai sauce with the fries. The crushed peanuts added a nice crunch to the dish. 

Thai Fries
We started off with an obligatory vegetarian slider, the Jalapeno Popper (Rs. 60/-). The patty was slightly dry, but I'm a fan of jalapenos. Makes for a good vegetarian option.

Jalapeno Popper Slider
Next we had the Fish and Chips slider (Rs. 65/-). It had a small fish fillet situated on a bed of fries and tartare sauce. The slider was a bit bland for me, and I couldn't taste the sauce much. Inspite of that we liked what we ate. But the least favorite slider out of all the non vegetarian options we tasted. 

Fish and Chips Slider
The Philly Steak slider (Rs. 65/-) had buffalo steak slices in a peppery sauce and lovely caramelized onions. I loved this one because of the well cooked steak and robust flavors. I'm going back for this!

Philly Steak Slider
The Bademiyan slider (Rs. 65/-) is named after the roadside eatery famous for its seek kebabs. It had pungent seekh kebab pieces covered in cheese and onions. This was a close favourite. I would've loved to slather on some green, pudina chutney and make a meal out of this. 

Bademiyan Slider
Try the unusual dessert slider when you go visit. The Brownie slider (Rs. 70/-) had a chunky brownie piece covered with chocolate sauce. This was embedded in a buttery sweet bun. One bite into this and you can taste the chocolate brownie and crunchy bun. 

Brownie Slider

The only issue I had with all the sliders was the bread, which was the commercially available burger bun. Nevertheless, for the price point and the target audience, I have no complaints.

My Ratings:
Ambiance: 2.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Food: 3.5/5

New Karnal Building, 
Near Bandra Book Centre, 
Waterfield Road, Bandra west.
Phone: (022) 66710844