9 April 2014

March 2014 Fab Bag Review

So I know after my February Fab Bag debacle I had proudly announced that this was the last of my subscriptions and I would not sign up for one again. Come March, and I couldn't help but see what the others got in their bags, and the rest is history. Renewed another 3 month subscription because, let's be honest, its a really good deal. Even if they're not luxury beauty samples anymore, I just like getting a surprise home every month. It's like a gift to me! :) Read more about the Fab Bags on www.fabbag,com

The March Fab Bag was supposed to be the #FabWomen Special Bag on account of Woman's Day in March. 

My March Fab Bag Haul

1. Thalgo Smoothing Brightening Fluid (Rs. 3300/- for a full size of 50 ml.)
I recieved two 2 ml. sample sizes of the product. Thalgo is a French luxury brand which claims to be all-natural. This product aims at improving skin radiance & texture. It has a mild talc-like smell and is not too sticky or oily when applied. It ends up feeling like a moisturizer with a slight brightening effect to the skin.

Thalgo Smoothing Brightening Fluid
2. Flormar Loose Powder-02 (Rs. 1200/- for a full size)
One of the reasons I renewed my subscription was when I saw this product in other's bags. I've been wanting to try a loose powder as a top up for my compact in the longest time. So when I saw this in my bag I was super happy. Its a full size product, and the shade they sent matches my skin tone closely.

Flormar Loose Powder-02
It comes with the prettiest, white, powder puff, is easy to apply and blends easily. My favorite product in this month's bag!

3. Portico Spa Verbena Renewing Body Lotion (Rs. 250/- for a full size of 50 ml.)
Another full sized product, but I have too many body lotions lying around from my previous bags, so I'm not too thrilled. This is apparently a luxury spa brand. The body lotion spreads easily and has a nice citrusy aroma which I like.

Portico Spa Verbena Renewing Body Lotion
4. Bonus: Black Bow Earrings

Black Bow Earrings
I was pleasantly surprised to see a black pouch with these earrings inside. They look decent on wearing with a casual top.

Overall MUCH better bag than last month's. I've already started using the face powder and I'm happy with the outcome.

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