30 April 2014

#BeerandBhonu with Bawi Bride at The Pint Room

I'm lucky to have some extremely talented and influential friends in the food scene, and, one such is Perzen Patel aka Bawi Bride. She runs her own catering kitchen and feeds hungry souls some delicious Parsi food, dips and desserts. I had blogged about the awesome Navroze meal we had at her place recently here. Check out her website www.bawibride.com for more deets. 

She recently announced her plans of hosting her first ever pop-up restaurant at The Pint Room in Bandra. The day and time were set; a lazy Sunday afternoon over beer and some good food. Who could resist?! A bunch of us decided to go support her and enjoy the delicious Parsi bhonu that she is famous for. Two set meal options which were paired with a variety of beers at The Pint Room

Set Meal Option A: Rs 800/-
Grandpa's Kheema Kebabs
Sali Marghi
Gosht nu Dhansak and Kachubar
Lagan nu Custard

Set Meal Option B: Rs 600/-
Chutney-Eeda Pattice
Lagan Sara Stew
Vegetarian Dhansak and Kachubar
Mawa nu Kopra Pak

I had for company two friends, one of which was a Parsi food fan and the other a Parsi food virgin. We were all excited for the afternoon to unfold. Since pictures speak a thousand words, here is a sneak peak into our #BeerandBhonu afternoon.

The most innovative Menu poses with our Cider

Doing what I do best. Mandatory Food Photos.

Bawi Brides' Grandpa's kheema kababs-  My Fav!

Kabab-y Goodness
Perfectly Paired Fiery Kababs and Chilled Cider
Onto Level 2: Sali Chicken and Rotli


Everyone's Favourite Dhansak.

Sitting all pretty, ready to be devoured.
Lagan nu Custard
The afternoon had all the ingredients for a perfect Sunday lunch: good food, good booze, and good conversations. Cheers Bawi Bride! May you have your own #BawaBhonu restaurant soon and continue to feed us.

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