24 April 2014

April 2014 Fab Bag Review

I love the monthly thrill of anticipating my Fab Bag, seeing what others got, and finally opening mine to reveal its contents. Fab Bag is a monthly beauty bag, which consists 3-4 sample or full size beauty products. Read more about Fab Bag on www.fabbag.com

The April Fab Bag was themed 'Girl On The Go' and it was supposed to contain beauty essentials that a girl on the move may need. I never see any connection between what they give out and the theme of the bags each month. Nevertheless, this months bag was a beautiful red and black patterned pouch that I loved instantly. 

My April Fab Bag Haul
1. Beauty UK Blush and Brush- Isla Rose (Rs. 550/- for a full size)
This was a full sized, lovely bright pink blush. I have received an eye shadow palette from the same brand in one of my previous bags, and I loved that product. This comes in a small, black case with a miniature brush which makes it convenient to travel with. The colour is a bright pink with a bit of shimmer which I don't like in my blushes. That makes it limiting and one can only use it on a night out, instead of a subtle day look. On application, it has a deep pigmented colour but doesn't spread easily on the face. 

Beauty UK Blush and Brush

Beauty UK Blush and Brush Palette
2. Just Herbs Glow Boosting Ritual (Rs. 985/- for a full size)
It contains three products:

  • Lively Clean Honey Cleansing Gel (Rs. 295/- for a full size of 100 ml)
  • Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack (Rs. 295/- for a full size of 150 gms)
  • Aloe Vero Facial Massage Gel (Rs. 395/- for a full size of 100 gms)
Just Herbs Glow Boosting Ritual
I have received another herbal kit from Just Herbs in one of my previous Fab Bags, and I wasn't a fan. Honestly, herbal products don't excite me. Especially a brand like this which I hadn't heard of, and could afford to buy on my own if I wanted to. 
This kit contained three sample sized products. The samples are pretty big and will last me a while before I finish them off. Loved the almond complexion pack. It has a lovely fragrance and it left my skin soft and supple. 

Clockwise: Honey Cleansing Gel, Almond complexion pack, Aloe vera facial massage gel

3. Sally Hansen Smoothing Foot Scrub (Rs. 875/- for a full size of 113 gms)
Sally Hansen is a renowned brand, especially in hand and foot care. Another full sized product from them this month was the highlight of my Fab Bag. My existing foot scrub was on the verge of getting over, and then I received this. Call it telepathy or just plain luck! I'm a fan of this product. The scrub has coarse, grainy particles that exfoliate the rough skin of the feet. As I scrubbed, I could see the dead skin coming off. In a single use my feet look softer and smoother than before. Miracle product indeed!

Sally Hansen Smoothing Foot Scrub
4. Bonus: I Love Coconut Face Mask
This is a peel off face mask, that comes in single sachets. This makes is easy and convenient to travel with. Its a peel off mask, so one is spared the hassle of washing. The sachet has a large quantity and can be shared by two people. I have tried the Mango mask before, and I'm sure the coconut one will be similar. 

I love Coconut face mask
All in all, decent bag this month, except the herbal products which Im not very excited about. What did you get in your bag? 
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14 April 2014

'Play With Your Drink' at Mamagoto

Mamagoto in a short span since its launch in Mumbai last year has become everyone's favorite go-to place for delicious Asian food combined with a quirky, relaxed vibe. The atmosphere is relaxed and kitsch, and coupled with their amazing food flavors it has fast become my favorite too! In a short span they have launched three branches in Mumbai- Bandra, Ghatkopar, Kala Ghoda- and are soon planning to launch in Andheri too. Happy news for Mamagoto fans such as me! Now I can get their Chiang Mai Train Station Noodles, Water Chestnut Spring Rolls, and Penang Curry close to work. Yaay!

They recently launched a new, unique concept called 'Play with your drink', where the customer can create their own unique cocktail concoction, decide what goes inside each drink, name it, and of course savour it later. From 14th April this wonderful concept has been launched at all Mamagoto outlets. A few lucky ones such as me, got a preview and tried our hands at cocktail making one afternoon. 

We were divided into groups and given our time behind a well stocked bar with all the possible ingredients we could think of. Our task was to come up with a signature, unique cocktail. We decided to make a Watermelon- Basil martini which was aptly named 'The Pink Panther'.

  • Take freshly cut, seedless watermelon pieces and basil leaves. Muddle them really well.
  • Strain this mixture into a cocktail shaker. Add ice. And vodka most importantly.
  • Give it a few, good shakes. The Pink Panther is done!
  • We poured it into a martini glass with a wedge of watermelon as garnish.
Laughter, Chaos, Fun. What went into the making of 'The Pink Panther'

Can any visit to Mamagoto be complete without some amazing food? We all dug into the small bites that were doing the rounds. I personally enjoyed the Spicy Fried Calamari made in ponzu pepper batter.

Clockwise: Spicy Fried Calamari, Thai crispy vegetables, Bite sized corn fritter balls

Food Bloggers turned bartenders

A well spent Saturday afternoon with good food, good company and trying my hand at cocktail making. Mamagoto is letting everyone live their dream of becoming a bartender and creating your own unique cocktail. Everyone's a bartender at Mamagoto!

Website: www.mamagoto.in
Facebook: MamagotoFunAsian
Twitter: @MamagotoFun
Instagram: @MamagotoFunAsian

9 April 2014

March 2014 Fab Bag Review

So I know after my February Fab Bag debacle I had proudly announced that this was the last of my subscriptions and I would not sign up for one again. Come March, and I couldn't help but see what the others got in their bags, and the rest is history. Renewed another 3 month subscription because, let's be honest, its a really good deal. Even if they're not luxury beauty samples anymore, I just like getting a surprise home every month. It's like a gift to me! :) Read more about the Fab Bags on www.fabbag,com

The March Fab Bag was supposed to be the #FabWomen Special Bag on account of Woman's Day in March. 

My March Fab Bag Haul

1. Thalgo Smoothing Brightening Fluid (Rs. 3300/- for a full size of 50 ml.)
I recieved two 2 ml. sample sizes of the product. Thalgo is a French luxury brand which claims to be all-natural. This product aims at improving skin radiance & texture. It has a mild talc-like smell and is not too sticky or oily when applied. It ends up feeling like a moisturizer with a slight brightening effect to the skin.

Thalgo Smoothing Brightening Fluid
2. Flormar Loose Powder-02 (Rs. 1200/- for a full size)
One of the reasons I renewed my subscription was when I saw this product in other's bags. I've been wanting to try a loose powder as a top up for my compact in the longest time. So when I saw this in my bag I was super happy. Its a full size product, and the shade they sent matches my skin tone closely.

Flormar Loose Powder-02
It comes with the prettiest, white, powder puff, is easy to apply and blends easily. My favorite product in this month's bag!

3. Portico Spa Verbena Renewing Body Lotion (Rs. 250/- for a full size of 50 ml.)
Another full sized product, but I have too many body lotions lying around from my previous bags, so I'm not too thrilled. This is apparently a luxury spa brand. The body lotion spreads easily and has a nice citrusy aroma which I like.

Portico Spa Verbena Renewing Body Lotion
4. Bonus: Black Bow Earrings

Black Bow Earrings
I was pleasantly surprised to see a black pouch with these earrings inside. They look decent on wearing with a casual top.

Overall MUCH better bag than last month's. I've already started using the face powder and I'm happy with the outcome.

2 April 2014

Beefeater Gin Launch in Mumbai: An Evening of Great Gin & Conversations

I personally don’t know many people whose preferred choice of alcoholic beverage is gin. Most people are beer, whiskey or vodka drinkers on an average. But at the Beefeater Gin launch at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai all my misconceptions were cleared. That evening gin revealed itself as a versatile and widely loved alcoholic beverage for many.

Beefeater Gin

I was there at the launch on behalf of Mumbai Food Lovers that evening. The event was to mark the launch of Beefeater’s Gin and to mark 2014 as ‘The Year of the Gin’. There was a small group of like-minded food and alcohol aficionados present to learn more about gin tasting. The event was hosted by Tim Stones – International Brand Ambassador for Beefeater Gin. Tim is greatly involved in educating bartenders and consumers regarding Beefeater Gin and their market. He has been in this industry for 15 years and is actively involved in showcasing the versatility of gin in various cocktails. It was a matter of honour to learn about gin from the master himself!

Tim spoke to us about the history of gin and gave us facts about the drink. We then learnt about the harvesting and process behind the making of gin. Tim taught us about all the different ingredients that go inside a gin, and what special ingredients make the Beefeater Gin so different.

The different ingredients that go into Beefeater Gin

The part of the evening that I was most excited about was Gin tasting. We were made to sample four different brands of gin: Gordon’s London dry gin, Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire and of course Beefeater London dry gin. Who would’ve thought all four gins tasted so drastically different?! Each gin had a different aroma, core ingredient and taste. My favourite without being partial, was the Beefeater!

The four gins we sampled

Gin tasting with the core ingredients

Tim also spoke to us about the versatility of gin and how one can incorporate it into any cocktail. And to prove himself correct he made us taste a Mango Lassi-Masala Chai-Gin cocktail. Who thought that such a combination could exist? And taste so delicious too. The evening continued with an intense discussion, where the audience posed their queries across to Tim. The evening continued over gin, gin based cocktails and good times….

All-in-all this was a fun evening where I got to learn and experience the history and magic behind gin drinking. I am definitely a gin convert now. Next time I go to a bar, I’m surely ordering a Beefeater Gin with tonic water please!