19 February 2014

The 'Icing on top' of my day

One of the first food blogs I started reading and actively following was that of fellow foodie and Bawi, Roxanne Bamboat. I enjoy reading about the tiny taster and her culinary adventures. She recently celebrated the second anniversary of her blog (www.thetinytaster.com) by hosting contests all month on her facebook page. I randomly happened to take part in one of these. The incentive was a shot at winning some wonderful goodies from Icing on top desserts. And the fact that it was a simple crossword got me even more excited since I have a long standing love affair with crosswords. 
I took part. Waited patiently. And then forgot. Till Roxanne announced that I had won! And those wonderful goodies were at my doorstep waiting to greet me as I came home from work today.

Icing on top specializes in vegetarian desserts. They're known for making some amazing cake pops, cupcakes, tarts and cookies. I have eaten some of their stuff before and loved everything I tried. Their menu and other information is available on their website (www.icingontop.in), or on their facebook page (Facebook: Its Icing on top) or on twitter (@itsicingontop).

Three boxes filled with yummy cookies all for me. The first box contained Cinnamon cookies. Mini in size, but huge in taste. These cookies were dusted with cinnamon. Would go perfectly with a cup of tea.

Cinnamon cookies

Next I tried what were undoubtedly my favorite, the lemon butter minis. Lovely buttery flavour of the biscuit, similar to my favorite Shrewsbury biscuits from Pune. And a tang of lemon which pops in your mouth later. These simply melt away. I polished off the box, they were that good!

Vanilla Lemon cookies

And everyone's favorite chocolate chip cookies for last. Perfect chocolate chip cookies for those who don't like them cloyingly sweet. 

Chocolate chip cookies

I would definitely go back and order some more of those Vanilla Lemon cookies, that seem to be a universal favorite.