27 February 2014

Branded Bawi Recommends: Paan Kulfi at Pali Bhavan

I love my Bandra. I'm a pure blood Bandra girl, having lived nowhere else. I love all the eating out options we have. Not just mass produced, commercial restaurants but restaurants with character. Or a back story attached to it. Pali Bhavan is one such. I imagine myself to be dining in some haveli of a long lost Maharaja every time I come here. Huge chandeliers hanging from the tin roof, an assortment of pictures on the walls each telling us a different story. The pillars, stone staircases, low dim light make it a perfect 'date' place. 
Tonight was the first time I actually ate here. I've been here twice before for their famous Thursday Bar Nights where the music is pulsating and the crowd is fab. Thursday nights post 11pm the place morphs into a nightclub like feel. Maharaja's haveli on steroids more like it!

Out of all that I ate, I'm only going to mention and recommend the one thing that excited me to bits. I've heard a lot of their Paan Kulfi. I love my paan. I rush through my food at Indian weddings so that I can leisurely enjoy the paan counter. I've been known to go on drives in the middle of the night to satiate the paan craving. And I love my kulfi. That is something I inherit from my father. We have cut kulfis on birthdays instead of cake.
So hearing about Paan Kulfi got me totally excited. The dish comprises of 3 pieces of melt-in-the mouth paan flavored kulfi wrapped in the paan leaves. You could unwrap the paan leaves to dig into the kulfi solo. Or do what is the fun part, and eat the kulfi along with the paan leaves. The kulfi is fragrant, milky and not overbearingly paan flavoured. Even those who are not too much of a paan fan will enjoy it. It leaves a wonderful aftertaste in the mouth and is a perfect palate cleanser at the end of a heavy Indian meal.

Paan Kulfi
Dishes like these make me proud of the changing Indian food scene!

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