15 February 2014

A Marzipan filled Valentine's!

I'm going to start off my very first personal blog post by wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. This blog is a Valentine's gift to myself. Something I've been wanting to do since a long time and something friends and family have been forcing me to. I consider this my version of 'Dear Diary', something I enjoyed writing in as a child.
Getting back to Valentine's Day, as a single woman it becomes perennially annoying and depressing to see the mush all around. So i decided to stay away. But as luck would've had it, celebrations were around the corner. Friends like anurag writing me poems and my girls buying me love pendants. And the super amazing gift I won thanks to RadioOne for being on air with them. And as they say....if you cant beat 'em.....join 'em! 

The lovely gift arrived today. A box of Marzipan chocolates from NordicKandieMagic (www.nordickandiemagic.com). The gift arrived within two days of placing an order with them so I was pleasantly surprised. Marzipan is a traditional delicacy made of fine almonds and sugar. I grew up eating the traditional versions every year at Christmas thanks to my Catholic friends. This company established in Europe and India deals with traditional Marzipan and offers a variety of gifting options and gift boxes. Check out the website for more!

My Box Description: A box of 9 assorted handmade Marzipan treats, wrapped in the finest chocolate made from high quality Mamra almonds. My box is priced INR 1850/-

Packaging: Such a royal Blue and Gold box with a huge golden ribbon. An embossed logo on the side made it look classy. Simple yet elegant. The box came wrapped in some bubble paper (which I'm bursting later) and the chocolates inside were intact. The lovely people also sent me a small Valentine's Day card which totally made my day!

 The marzipan chocolates were individually wrapped inside. Ohh what a pretty sight! Colorful with detailing on top. Beautiful pinks, reds and whites...perfect for V-day! Just too pretty to eat.

Taste: With a heavy heart I decided to try one. The first one I had was a pretty white one with red icing.The chocolate coating was firm from outside and i bit into the most delectable, soft, gooey marzipan inside. This one was a yum strawberry flavor. Loved the taste. Not overbearingly sweet. 

The next one I had was a chocolate covered one with a minty chocolate marzipan filling. Reminded me of the After Eight chocolate. Again perfect marzipan inside, perfect chocolate outside.

These are the two out of a box of nine that I tasted. By the time I finish writing this blog post I'm sure i will finish off half the box.

My Ratings:
Packaging: 4/5
Value For Money: 2/5
Taste: 4/5

Would I buy this again? Maybe for a special someone on a special occasion. Or else to myself next Valentine's day.


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere!!
    Loved your post, definitely looking forward to reading more exciting posts

  2. What a well written detailed review very impressed

  3. Really sweet way to start your Blog.
    Great description that makes me desire the yummy chocolates :)
    Keep Blogging!

  4. Thank you everyone for the encouragement and the lovely words. Means a lot. xx